During diving we saw a lot of morays:
black-spotted moray
black-spotted moray    


stingrays and barracudas:

stingray is taking off barracuda

tarpoon fish:





beautiful corals, sponges, etc.:

nice brain coral with two Christmas Trees        

shark (almost invisible), turtles:


and we saw each other:

Keka with our lunch Peter, Jitka, Polda Lenka in a chimney Polda Polda
a turtle  
white-collar diver    

and many different fish:


also jellyfish (and see what they did to us):

Peter Lenka Polda

and much more:

the boat a wreck a wreck a wreck a wreck
a wreck a wreck a wreck  
mess during night dive mess during night dive our boat a storm
a storm equipment bath floating seastar a little blue shrimp